Join a Home Group to connect with others in Christ-centered relationships, grow closer to God & serve others. 

What is a Home Group?
Home Groups consist of 10-12 people who commit to meet weekly for prayer, worship, Bible study & fellowship. 

Home Groups will meet in the home of the host and the group leader will facilitate discussion based on the message from the Sunday morning worship service.

Why should I be in a Home Group?
God created us to live in community. We are called to love, serve, encourage & pray for one another. Home Groups are represented in God's Word through Jesus' ministry and the early church, throughout church history & in the church today.

2016-2017 Sessions
Home Groups are on break for the summer! Sessions beginning in the fall will be posted soon!

When can I sign up?
Sign ups for the 2016-2017 Session 1 begin after each service on Sunday, August 28 and end after each service on Sunday, September 4. 

How do I sign up?
Church-wide sign ups begin a few weeks before each session. People will self-select according to their preference on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to limited space, sign ups will be available at the church info table only or by contacting Bob Witherow, the director of Home Groups ( 

What is the commitment?
Joining a Home Group requires a 12-week commitment to attend the weekly meetings. This commitment is the key to strong relationships and healthy groups. 

How long does a Home Group last? 
Each session is 12 weeks. The year is divided into three sessions with a brief hiatus between sessions. At the end of each session all participants have the choice to stay in the same group, try a new group, or even take a break. Many groups may stay together and meet informally through the summer. 

What if I miss church on Sunday?
The messages are available on CD immediately following the service in the entryway of the church, uploaded on Vimeo by Monday and are posted on the church website by Tuesday morning. 

What about childcare?
The church does not provide childcare. Each family is responsible for their own childcare arrangements. Sometimes it works best for families to share a sitter or to swap childcare with another family whose group meets on a different evening or time. Groups that meet Wednesday night can drop their kids off at Faithweavers Kid's Club at 6pm. 

If you are having trouble finding childcare, please contact the church office and we can help connect you with other families who are looking to swap or share childcare.

What if the Home Group is full or I can't meet at any of the available times?
If the Home Group you want to sign up for is full, you can choose another group that meets when you're available. If you are not available during any other times, please fill out an Availability Form and we will do our best to accommodate with new groups for the next session.

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