This event is for all students in grades 6-12!

There will be snacks, pizza, and drinks available for purchase at the tournament.

Saturday, May 4 from 4 - 8 pm

Double Elimination Tournament Style:

  1. Each team will play a 3 game match to determine who advances (best 2 out of 3).

  2. A team must lose 2 matches to be dismissed from the tournament.

Teams: Make your own team of 6 people to compete.  If you cannot make a team we will try to fit you in on another team.  (no guarantees)

Cost: FREE (Snacks, pizza & drinks available for purchase)

Medical Release Form: All students must have a medical release form filled out by a parent to play. Download the form here. 

Questions? Email Pastor Moe -

Dodgeball Rules:

1.  The game begins when the referee blows his whistle and the students run toward the middle of the playing area to retrieve balls.  All players must take the balls behind the attack line before throwing balls.   

 2. All players must wear a white shirt while playing.

3. A live ball is considered a ball that has been thrown and has not hit anything (walls, barriers another person or another ball).

4. If you get hit by a live ball you are out and you stand on the side wall until the game is over.  Do not touch balls while out of play.

5.  If a live ball is caught the person who threw the ball is out.

6.  If a ball has hit a player, wall, or anything else and another player catches the ball the person who threw the ball is not out, the person who was hit is out.  

7.  If a team has all 12 balls on their side for 30 seconds or more they automatically forfeit the game.  

8.  All calls by referees are final, please treat them with respect.  If found arguing or showing signs of disrespect you may be dismissed from the game. 

9.  Each game will last a max of 3 min., at the end of 3 min. the team with the most people left playing is the winner. 


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All players must have a medical release form completed and signed by a parent or guardian to be eligible to play. A copy of the form can be printed from the link above.