A Great Thought From a Random Place

Originally Posted October 17, 2014 By Pastor Adam

I have quite and eclectic taste when it comes to movies and music.  I would have absolutely no problem listening to Aerosmith and then changing the station to listen to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.  Some people think that it’s a little weird, but I think that it adds a little spice to life.  I also have a wide range of movies that I like.  I can watch action or mystery shows and then be totally singing along to a musical, all in the same day.

Just about a week ago was one of those days when a musical was just what the doctor ordered.  I was searching around for just the right one, and I happened across the old musical from the 1950s entitled Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  To me, this is one great film, where Adam, the oldest of the 7 brothers, went to town one day in search of supplies and a wife.  While many of the townfolk thought he was crazy, he did end up with a wife that day.  The new bride, Millie, ended up refining and teaching manners to the other brothers and they ended up doing some crazy stunts, even kidnapping (in a really lighthearted way that only a musical can do) in order to get their gals.  It really is a great show.

There’s one song in the movie that is reprised later on that Millie sang to Adam on their wedding night entitled “When You’re in Love.”  There’s a line from this song has stuck with me and that I’ve found really fits.  It goes like this: When You’re in love, Really in love, there’s no way on earth to hide it.  Wow!  This is so true.  Just look at a newlywed couple, and you have all you can do to not comment because of their displays of affection, flirting, loveletters, etc.  You can totally tell that they are in love.

Many of us claim to love God.  I hope that you truly do.  But as the lyric to the song suggests, if you’re really in love with God, there should be no way of hiding that fact from people.  They should just simply know.  But the opposite is true as well–if they can’t tell that you love God, I think we have to seriously look at ourselves and see if we really do or not. I pray that you do!!