Checking In

Originally Posted November 11, 2014 By Pastor Adam

I have recently posted and also have spoken during my morning messages about the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’ve made the challenge, and I hope that many of you are taking it up, of making a list of all of the things that you have to be thankful for to God.  I hope that your list is long as you have seen God interact and show up constantly in your daily life.

So, how is your list?  What things on your list surprised you that you remembered?  Did you record any answered prayers?  Healings?  New relationships?  I have been working on mine lately and have been brought into great times of worship and praise simply by thinking of these great things that God has done.

Please feel free to share with me something that you’re thankful to God for.  Nothing provides greater encouragement in the Lord than to see Him working in the lives of His people.