Do We Trust Him?

Originally Posted September 3, 2014 By Pastor Adam

Today is a first for me and my family.  As I write this post, my little girl is getting ready to begin her first day of 4K.  How could this day have arrived so quickly.  I know that I’m like most parents who look at this day and think back to the first time that they held this little one in their arms on that great first meeting day.  But, time does press on and this little girl is growing up.  It is tough, but it is something that we should be praising God about–and we are.

I honestly need to say, though, that there are a lot of thoughts coming to my mind.  Will she make friends?  Will she get lost?  Will her teacher be nice?  Will she miss mommy and daddy while she’s at school?  Will she be taught the things that are biblically and morally correct?  While I cannot answer these questions, there is something that I can do for her.  I can pray for her.  I can pray that God will hold her close, guide her, show her the lessons that are right and those that are wrong (reaffirming those simple lessons we’ve taught her), and protect her from evil.  But in order for this to truly work (and here’s the lesson God’s been giving to me) is that I need to trust that no matter where she goes, God has it all under His control, and there’s no better place for her to be.

While many of you reading this aren’t necessarily facing the same situations, my question for you all is “Do you trust God?”  with all that’s heading your way today?