Originally Posted October 7, 2014 By Pastor Adam

This past Sunday’s message really challenged me.  After having a message about what a Living Faith looks like, it would be easy for us to go home depressed and saddened because it sometimes seems like we don’t even come close to living up to what Christ as set out for us to be.  I must admit, that this thought came into my mind during the week of preparation for the message.  But as we left church on Sunday, this wasn’t the feeling that came over me.  Instead, I got the feeling that a precious bit of truth was being reinforced in me–one that can change the entire way I live.  The truth that God had implanted in me was that it’s not about the results being born out in my life, but instead the main point is that it is about my soul’s surrender to Christ and the fruit comes from that act of surrender.  This really is Christ’s desire for us–not that we’re concerned with the type and amount of fruit, but the results of a transformed life that comes through a life that is fully surrendered to Christ.  This is true fruit.

What has God been saying to you about this?  Are you bearing the fruit of the Lord?  The only way to do this is to be fully surrendered to Christ, letting Him live through you.  Then you will be bearing a fruit that will truly last.