Something Special

Originally Posted February 11, 2015 By Pastor Adam

It is incredibly hard to ignore, based on the amount of commercials that have been streaming over the television and webpages lately, that Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.  I was amazed yesterday when I observed my daughter gawking over a 4 feet tall stuffed bear!  The toy is taller than she is, and yet she thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread!  Some people hate the commercialism of Valentine’s Day or even think that the holiday is a conspiracy between the chocolate companies and Hallmark.  While I don’t believe that it is a conspiracy, one thing has to be noted–Valentine’s Day is a special day.

It’s important for us to come to the understanding of why Valentine’s Day is important.  I do have to say, the holiday isn’t about the gifts or chocolates or flowers or dinner.  It’s not about wearing red or exchanging Valentine’s cards.  Valentine’s Day is about love.  Not simply the emotional response of love, but the real, life-giving love that first comes from God and then that we express to those around us.

I want you all to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year–not for the commercial reasons, but for this simple reason: when we celebrate love we celebrate God because God is love.  With this in mind, I pray that you all have a blessed day doing something special with the ones you love.