You Just Never Know

Originally Posted September 17, 2014 By Pastor Adam

It shouldn’t amaze me, but it oftentimes does, when we hear of the church worldwide going through incredible difficulties.  Today we received news that some workers that are helping to educate people in West Africa about the ebola virus were attacked by a gang and some of the members were taken hostage, with no leading (at the time of this writing) of their location.  It is hard for me to sometimes stomach the fact that these people were simply spreading the love of Christ not by crusading demanding conversion, but simply by trying to share information on how to stop the spread of this deadly disease.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I spent a lot of time in prayer over this today, and there was a post on Facebook that a friend of mine made recently, reminding us of how Christ wants us to act and view a situation like this.  The blog wasn’t advocating a military solution, or political isolationism.  It wasn’t a call to hate or cut off or run away from, but in fact was reminding us of the fact that we are to love our enemies.  God is the God of love, not of hate.  We find throughout Scripture that Christ never once looked to retaliate on His enemies–He chose to come to this earth and preach the message, hoping that they would turn to Him and experience His grace.  This is the exact same thing He longs for in this situation–that His grace would be extended to all.

I’m asking you all tonight to pray for these people–the captives and their captors.  Pray for safety.  Pray for grace and compassion.  Pray that God will accomplish His will and that all glory will be given to Him.  Once we rest in that statement, we realize that God is in control of everything and that our heart’s desire is simply to glorify Him.