Making Good Investments


There are certain lessons that we learn throughout the course of life that come from some very unforeseen places. Let me share one of these lessons with you. In my first year of ministry, the youth pastors gathered for a meeting at the district office. Many of us were in our first years of ministry, and so I thought that we were gathering for an overview of district ministries and how things worked. For most of the day this was true. But then came a lesson from a very unforeseen place—our district administrator came in and gave us all a teaching on the importance of making sound investments for our retirement. I couldn’t believe it! Here I was in my very first ministry opportunity and we’re talking about retirement. As I look back on it, it was very wise. 

While it is crucial for us to be wise in our financial investing, the lessons taught to me that day transcend the financial world into the Kingdom of Jesus! Let me share 3 lessons on investment that need to guide us into greater kingdom impact. 

1. Identify What You Have to Invest—God has given each one of us a different amount of resources (Time, Talent, Treasure). We need to have a good understanding of what gifts we have, time we can give, money or other resources that can be given to make the greatest impact. If you don’t know your spiritual gifts, ask God to reveal them to you and utilize them. If you have been blessed with income, identify that which can be invested into Kingdom advancement. 

2. Invest Wisely—no person invests in something without doing homework to see if the investment will yield a return. The same in Kingdom work. When you make an investment into the Kingdom, be aware of the potential return and also the risk. Invest wisely 

3. Expect a Return—When we yield our investments (Time, Talent, Treasure) to God, expect that He will use them to accomplish Kingdom ministry. He always builds His Kingdom. Don’t invest with a lack of faith—trust God to do His work! 

If we are about the Kingdom of Jesus, we need to be investors. 

Where has God called you to invest in His Kingdom? Will you make that investment?