Summer Reading

Every summer I send out a list of books I recommend for reading over the summer. I’ve recommended books on theology, practical living, fictional books that tell amazing stories dealing with God’s faithfulness, and even biographies of some of the giants of the faith. Many of you have read through some of these books and expressed how impactful and refreshing they were for you. I’ve always been blessed to hear how God works through the written words on these pages.

Because of these wonderful testimonies, I decided to continue this practice of recommending books to read over the summer again this year. I started the process of thinking through which books I’d recommend to you again this year (and I read a lot of books that have impacted my walk with God and equipped me both personally and in my ministry), but as I was thinking about which ones to recommend, I came to a realization that the most impactful book I read throughout the past year was my Bible! God has spoken and blessed me as I’ve sought to press into His presence and hear from Him more deeply and clearly! I know I should never be amazed at how God speaks and the incredible timing of His message, but I am because of the impact His Word has and continues to have on me.

I want all of you to have the same experience with God that I had and continue to have. So instead of suggesting other books (which do have great value), I’m putting the opportunity out there for you to join me in reading the Bible throughout the summer! I know that this might seem like a daunting task! “The Bible is huge!” “There’s so much there, how can I possibly read it in 90 days!” Well, I’m here to say that it is possible and incredibly rewarding. God is going to speak to you in ways that you might never have dreamed before. If you want this time with God, here’s how you can join in and read with me and others. There are yellow bookmarks in the Foyer that have a reading schedule. Simply read the pages for that day and you’ll experience God like you’ve never experienced Him before. It takes me about an hour a day to read the pages, so it doesn’t take a long time. But it is so worth the investment. I’m also going to send out a video blog each week with a devotion from a portion of the Scripture we’ve read that week in order to interact together.

Are you in? Will you commit to reading the Bible together this summer? I am so excited for you—God is going to draw you closer and closer each and every day you seek Him through His Word!