Life 2019


It is hard to believe that some of our Circle Drive Students will be headed to Life 2019 almost a year from now! The Life Conference is put together by our denomination, The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), every three years for our youth throughout the country. There will be around 8,000-10,000 teenagers from different Alliance youth groups in one place to worship, grow, and serve God together as one family. 

The theme for Life 2019 is "Awakened," ie: "awakened to an amazing Life in and through Jesus."1 Top Notch Speakers and Christian Artists will be there for the purpose of "Awakening" the next generation. They will do this by showing them that God wants to use them now, and that there is an entire nation of believers just like them. It is the desire of the leaders and speakers of the Life Conference to see the power of the Holy Spirit "Awaken" our students to what the Lord is trying to show them in their lives and to "Awaken" them to the potential that God has given them to make a lasting impact on this world. 

Many other things happen on these trips. It will give another youth leader and myself a chance to further our connections with the students. We will be spending a week together worshipping, serving, and talking about God. There will be opportunities to discuss what is going on in their lives and what they think God wants them to do. This Conference is a time where God may use this event to open their minds and hearts to Him. After returning from Life, we as a church get the privilege of continuing to disciple the Next Generation of students, who desire to live a life for God! 

Thank you for partnering with Circle Drive as we take this step to invest in these students. 

Please be praying for the youth, that God will begin to work in their lives NOW by preparing their hearts for what He wants to show them and that we will see fully devoted followers of Christ growing and going forth from our church. May God "Awaken" the lives of the Next Generation so that they may come to know Jesus, thrive in their relationship with Him, begin to do more for Him, and launch new disciples for Jesus. 

Pray also about how you might financially assist these students as they work to raise funding to go. 

All for Jesus, Pastor Moe 

1 Boal, Dan, National C&MA Youth Director 

On Mission in Alabama

Many of you have heard by now that Megan and I will be transitioning our ministry to a church plant in Birmingham, Alabama.   It's been difficult to explain the emotional tension between bitter and sweet that this new opportunity brings to us.  On one hand we are so excited to be following the call of God in our lives and on the other we are heartbroken to leave the people we've grown so close to.   I am so thankful that God brought us to CDAC in this season because this church has treated us like family and it's been an absolute joy to serve here. 

On August 1st we will be making our way down I-81 to Birmingham, Alabama to take part in a church plant of the C&MA.  Things will be different for sure.  Neither Megan nor myself will be taking a salary from the church, we will no longer be working with teens, and we will have to start using words like y'all and fixin'.  We are excited to be learning how to disciple others and how to plant a church in a post-church culture.

There are three things I'd like you to consider as CDAC sends us out into the "mission field."

1. God has always been faithful.

CDAC has a rich history of serving the community, worshiping in spirit and in truth, and equipping people for ministry.  It's incredible to hear of the men and women that this church has touched in the past 75 years.  I have no doubt that God will continue to use CDAC as a place where people encounter God.  

2. God is still working.

As I shared a few weeks ago, we are leaving in the midst of good times.  God is working in and through people's lives right now at CDAC and it's awesome.  Home Groups are thriving, the youth ministry is growing, and we can't seem to find room for all the people coming on Sunday morning.  I am so glad that the next pastor who comes after me will be entering a healthy place.

3. God will provide.

As you pray with the Elders for the next staff pastor, know that God is a provider and will give the church exactly the person He wants to be here.  He has already been working in that person's heart and has been leading him here.  Pray that the Lord's will be done at Circle Drive in these next few months.  

Aches & Pains

Originally Posted January 14, 2015 By Pastor Adam

I hear the same moans and groans from people (and sometimes even myself) about the terrible ordeal it is trying to get out of bed in the morning.  We all know that it is time to get up, but before we even begin the process, some of us need to go through a pre-movement checklist to make sure that all of the parts are present, accounted for, and functioning.  As we get older, our bodies just tend to hurt.

While we all have these pains in life, we all respond to them differently.  Some of us go straight to the medicine cabinet and hit the Tylenol bottle first thing in the morning.  Others try some cream like Icy/Hot or Bengay to try to soothe the sore muscles and limbs.  Another contingent tries to get rid of the pain through other natural means such as stretching, a hot shower, or massage treatments.  Finally, there is a small group that simply says to themselves, “I’m going to tough it out.”  Regardless of how you deal with these aches and pains, we all can agree that we have them in our lives.

I had the opportunity today to watch a video blog from the President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (make sure to check out to find out more about who we are as a denomination) John Stumbo.  He was dealing with a really tough subject today–how do we deal with pain in the body of Christ.  We see through Scripture that the church is called the body and we are all to function together to make sure that we are growing closer with the Lord Jesus every day and to serve Him with all of our being.  But lately, he pointed out, that there are segments in our population that are dealing with incredible pain–the disenfranchised, those who are victims of injustice or other atrocities.  John challenged us in this blog to examine how we react when the body aches?  Do we simply tell it to tough it out or do we care and hurt along with it, looking to Jesus to bring us relief?

There are people in our local churches who are hurting today.  Do we hurt with them?  Do we care?  There are countless others around the world today who are aching–do we ache for them to experience the gentle caress of the Healer?  Your church needs you to be there for it.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be the Church that Christ has called you to be.