Don't Get Robbed

Originally Posted on September 25, 2014 By Pastor Adam

Over the past week, it seems that there’s just one thing after another that keeps me swamped in busyness.  There always seems to be a ton to do at work, and the pile seems to multiply on a daily basis.  There’s always projects at home that need to be completed, school events that I want to go to, and the list just continues to grow.  I do know that I am not the only one who faces these issues.  We live in a culture that continues to move like a washing machine on the spin cycle!  There’s always more to do.

I oftentimes ask if this is how God intended life to be–constant busyness?  Does God want us to have to learn how to multitask in order to simply keep up?  As I’ve looked through the Scriptures, we see God’s heart clearly as it relates to this.  God warns us against a life of busyness and stress.  God longs for us to be a people who work hard, but that we also value the more important things–spending time with Him, enjoying the very things that He placed on this earth for us to enjoy (His creation, people, etc.).

The question that God has been posing to me (and that I want to share with you today) is how are we doing in this area?  Are we too busy and stressed to be able to take the time to develop relationships or even to spend with God?  If this is what our life looks like, I believe we’re missing out on the greatest blessing of life–being with God Himself.