We Are The Church

I love how God speaks through His Word. It amazes me that after almost 2,000 years, the Bible still speaks to today’s world! I am so thankful to have been able to be a part of our last message series “We ARE The Church”. I have learned so many things from it and hope that you have as well. But as I look back at the series, there’s one thing that contributed to the success of the early church that really struck me—the love that the people had for the Church.

What did this love look like? We saw that this love for the church came about because of an intense love for Jesus, His mission of being His witnesses, the empowerment and enablement of the Holy Spirit to live a life of faith together, and a simple desire to share life with one another. When people look at this list, many see it as something like a utopian church society where nothing ever goes wrong. But I look at it like this—their desire to be in community with God and His Church gave a new focus that put the difficulties of life in their proper perspective.

While I see this exhibited in the early church, I wonder where we see this in our own church? To be frank, our society and culture tends to keep us separated by an individualistic nature where we don’t have time to live this faith with one another. If we are going to be a church that models these traits of the early church, we need to have a genuine love for one another—a love that longs to be together, pray together, share life together, and grow in God’s word with one another. We find these traits expressed in our new ministry Home Groups.

I’m looking forward to what Home Groups is going to bring to our church. It’s going to be a place where relationships will be strengthened and a genuine love for each other will grow. It’s a place where we will be able to be open and honest about our struggles in life and pray together. We will have opportunities to turn to Scripture and watch God apply our Sunday Messages to our lives.

Have you considered signing up for a Home Group? If you have signed up, I’m excited for what God is going to do in your group. If you haven’t considered it, I pray that you will. It is a great way to grow in love for other believers and walk the life of faith together.