In Focus

Have you ever looked into a camera or telescope that was out of focus? It is nearly impossible to be able to see what you were hoping to see. My family had the opportunity to visit Washington, DC last summer. One of our favorite places to visit is the Air and Space Museum. If you’ve never been there and you love air exploration, this place is a must visit for you. As we were walking around the museum, Anna and I stopped at an early space exploration exhibit and found 2 telescopes—a modern one a replica of one Galileo used. The object of the exhibit was to look through each telescope at a small dot on the far wall (which replicated the moon) and see which one did a better job at displaying the moon. Anna sat in the chair in front of the modern scope and was able to see the moon. But when she sat behind the Galileo telescope, she struggled to make the moon out. The reason was found in the difficulty of getting it to be in focus. All she could see was a color change, but not what the moon really looked like.

I believe there is an incredible life lesson in this story. There is a destination in life for the believer in Jesus. This destination is maturity in Christ. While we know where we’re heading, many times we lack the focus to get us there. There are so many things in life that we do (some good, like a job; while others are less productive) that demand our time and effort. But what we lack is the vision to see whether or not the things that occupy our time and effort will get us to our destination. How do we get to maturity in Christ?

How do we get to our destination? The answer is found in the Great Commission/Great Commandment. We need to be focused on making disciples through loving God and loving others. This is the motivation behind our vision statement of Living for God; Loving His People. This is to be our focus. If anything doesn’t line up with this, it forces us off track and we’ll never get to our intended destination.

Jesus gave us the command to make disciples everywhere—in our local context, in the surrounding area, and also around the world. I want to encourage each one of you to bring your focus to making disciples through a weeklong event we have each year entitled Missions Fest. We will be joined by our partner from Berlin, Jose Chinchilla. He is going to share how God is making disciples and expanding His Kingdom in Berlin and how we can celebrate these accomplishments and even partner more fully. You will find a full schedule of events in this Newsletter. I want to encourage you to come out to these events and hear how God is working and to bring us all back into the focus that King Jesus desires—making disciples of Jesus!