Stop Living For Jesus

Christianity is not simply a cause that needs defending or a movement that inspires people.  At it's core, Christianity is a relationship between God and His church.  The Bible actually uses relational terms in referring to the church when calling it His bride (Rev. 19).  As we look even closer to the relationship that God has with His people we see that God calls them His children, who have been adopted into the family.  The emphasis that God puts on relationships is so visible we can tell that God cares about people and He wants to be in relationship with them. 

If we fast forward to today's culture we see that everyone likes to identify with a cause.  Whether it's black lives matter, 2nd Amendment rights, clean water for developing nations, or to end human trafficking people love to defend, help, and support others.  To say that the generations coming up are standing up for those that can't stand and helping those that can't help themselves is to say something good of the next generation.

In a culture that is seeking to serve we see that the church can often be viewed in the same way.  Not as a relationship that we cultivate but a cause we defend.  Not a person that we love but an agenda we seek to advance.  It's much more popular to do a service project for your community, feed the poor, or dig a well(all good things) than it is to spend a morning fasting and praying.  If we're not careful we can substitute a life with God for a life for God.  We can sacrifice the relationship withGod for the mission of God.  When we pursue the relationship the mission will come naturally. 

I hope that as you are reading this you take an honest look at what you're doing to cultivate that inner personal relationship with the Lord.  That relationship is how we are empowered to do ministry.  I hope that as you begin to spend more time in prayer and in the Word and as God places a burden on your heart for people you will be empowered to love, listen and serve them.  Don't spend so much time living for Jesus that you stop living life with Him.