If You're Tired and You Know It…(clap, clap)

From the March 2015 Newsletter

I was tired all of last week. Not just normal tired but more of a feeling that I had nothing left to give yet there was so much more being asked of me. It was as if I ran out of gas several miles away from any gas station and yet I still had many miles left to travel. I think many of us can relate to this for some reason or another. Maybe we've over extended ourselves and committed to too many things.

Sometimes we have seasons where we find it hard to say no or there are time sensitive assignments that occur in times where there are events scheduled at the same time. Whatever the reason is most of us can sympathize with being tired. As I was reading through the scriptures I came across Isaiah 40:28-31. As Isaiah was writing to the people of Israel who were in captivity they needed to be reminded that God was their strength in their time of weakness. Here are three things I believe we can learn from the words found in Isaiah. 

1. God does not get tired. 

God can commit to so many things and remain faithful. He doesn't need to worry about over extending himself or having to say no because he is exhausted. He doesn't even get tired with the many requests and problems of His children. When we have so many people asking so many things of us it can become easy to just stop listening and put ourselves on auto-pilot. God doesn't do this with us. When we have a real need or concern we can come to God knowing that it's not a burden for Him. Because God is an "everlasting God" He operates outside of time. Because He operates outside of time it's quite easy for Him to give us His time when we need it. If we are tired, we need to remember the one who always has time for us. 

2. He gives strength to those who are tired. 

God is the ultimate supplier of strength. He has an abundance of power and he longs to administer that power to those that call on Him. God wants His people to be strong because it actually displays His power and glory. God is all about getting the glory. He wants our lives to reflect how great He is. So if we rely on His strength He will ultimately receive glory. 

3. It is better to wait on God than to jump the gun. 

"Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength." When we are tired we need to ask ourselves the question "Have I said yes to things that God would have wanted me to say no to?" There are many good things out there to spend our time on but not all things are for us. We need to make sure that we know what God wants from us so that we can say with wisdom" yes" or "no". Ministry is to get involved with what God is already doing, not asking God to bless what we are doing. Let's take time to acknowledge what God is already doing and wait on Him for the cues.