Aches & Pains

Originally Posted January 14, 2015 By Pastor Adam

I hear the same moans and groans from people (and sometimes even myself) about the terrible ordeal it is trying to get out of bed in the morning.  We all know that it is time to get up, but before we even begin the process, some of us need to go through a pre-movement checklist to make sure that all of the parts are present, accounted for, and functioning.  As we get older, our bodies just tend to hurt.

While we all have these pains in life, we all respond to them differently.  Some of us go straight to the medicine cabinet and hit the Tylenol bottle first thing in the morning.  Others try some cream like Icy/Hot or Bengay to try to soothe the sore muscles and limbs.  Another contingent tries to get rid of the pain through other natural means such as stretching, a hot shower, or massage treatments.  Finally, there is a small group that simply says to themselves, “I’m going to tough it out.”  Regardless of how you deal with these aches and pains, we all can agree that we have them in our lives.

I had the opportunity today to watch a video blog from the President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (make sure to check out to find out more about who we are as a denomination) John Stumbo.  He was dealing with a really tough subject today–how do we deal with pain in the body of Christ.  We see through Scripture that the church is called the body and we are all to function together to make sure that we are growing closer with the Lord Jesus every day and to serve Him with all of our being.  But lately, he pointed out, that there are segments in our population that are dealing with incredible pain–the disenfranchised, those who are victims of injustice or other atrocities.  John challenged us in this blog to examine how we react when the body aches?  Do we simply tell it to tough it out or do we care and hurt along with it, looking to Jesus to bring us relief?

There are people in our local churches who are hurting today.  Do we hurt with them?  Do we care?  There are countless others around the world today who are aching–do we ache for them to experience the gentle caress of the Healer?  Your church needs you to be there for it.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be the Church that Christ has called you to be.