From the March 2015 Newsletter 

 It is a rare occurrence when I get to have some quiet time alone in the morning, especially as a father of two young children. It seems that everywhere we go in life, there is always noise—an IPhone ding informing of a text or an email message, phones ringing, people looking for something, a coworker sharing about their day or how their family is doing, music blasting, televisions imploring us to buy the newest gadget or car that has just arrived off of the market. We are bombarded by this noise on a daily basis. But as I woke up today, there was this eerie sound that I never hear—the sound of silence. My family was still sleeping. No phone dings or television on. Simple silence. 

We must pause this narrative here and examine what was now going on in my mind. I had a choice of what to do. First of all (and what is really an all too common solution to the condition of silence), I could have turned on the television and radio and totally rocked the house out as I made my breakfast. I can imagine that this is what happens in most houses in the morning, it is usually at mine! Or I could choose the other route; one that is followed much less frequently, but still worth the journey. I could embrace the silence. Today, silence was my choice. 

While silence can be a scary time for most people in today’s world, I want to point us to the great benefit of silence. The Old Testament book of 1 Kings talks to us about a man named Elijah. He was someone who did some great things in the power of God, but one day he was feeling incredibly depressed and wanted to talk with God. So God decided that He would show Himself to Elijah. But when God finally revealed Himself, it was in a gentle whisper, or in our vernacular, silence. It is in the silence when we best hear God and are able to spend this intimate time with Him. 

We are approaching the Easter season, and during the month of March, we will be taking a look at Jesus’ journey to the cross—who He met and the lessons that He wants us to learn. But in the midst of these lessons, it is important for us to remember—Jesus took time to be with His Father in the silence of the day. It is my encouragement to each of you that you will follow Jesus and be determined to spend time in the silence of the day. I can guarantee that you will find it rewarding and exhilarating as we come to know God more and more each and every day.