Set the Tone

Originally Posted October 30, 2014 By Pastor Adam

We are presented an opportunity each year since President Abraham Lincoln enacted the national holiday of Thanksgiving.  On the fourth Thursday in November, the people of the US take time to enjoy a great dinner (where we usually eat way too much) with family and friends, expressing an attitude of thanksgiving for all that we have.  Aside from the immense quantities of food that we intake, Thanksgiving is truly a healthy holiday for everyone to celebrate.

While everyone can celebrate Thanksgiving, we as believers have the extra honor and privilege to celebrate knowing that all we have comes from God, and we are truly expressing our thanks to Him for all He provides.  I love taking time, especially during November, to write down and think about all of the things that I am thankful to God for.  I’m sure that if you’d compile such a list, it would prove to be a blessed list as well.

But I look to the Scriptures, and I don’t see a set time for Thanksgiving.  We celebrate it in November, but in Biblical times, there is no such holiday.  Why?  Is it that the people weren’t grateful for God’s presence and provision?  They totally were.  The reason why it isn’t a holiday is that we see Scripture calling us to a lifestyle of Thanksgiving.  We, as Paul told the Thessalonian church, are to give thanks in all circumstances, which I can now apply to in everything at all times.

Let this November be a time of great Thanksgiving to God.  But even more than that, let this season of Thanksgiving set the tone for a lifestyle of Thanksgiving.  If you want to see something transform your walk with Christ, nothing will do it like thanksgiving!