Why Church?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus created the church? If I would ask people both inside and outside of the church, I think the number of different answers would fill up an entire book. Some people think that the church is here simply as a social club. Others think that it’s something that only simpletons and naïve people attend. Some believe that church is a building—a “divine” structure where the presence of God resides. Some struggle to see the relevance of the church in today’s society; relegating it to an archaic institution. But there are others who still believe that the Church is the body of believers where people can find hope in Jesus through the grace He longs to bestow.

Even though many reading this short article agree with the last statement (which is the Biblical one), we still see that many who are the church today are in a state of confusion on why Jesus would create the church, asking “What is its purpose?” Why should I be an active part of the church? For centuries (especially now in our days of instant media access) people have tried to live the life of faith by themselves, thinking we don’t need the church. “We don’t need to meet with a bunch of hypocrites who preach a gospel of repentance and holiness but fail to meet such standards.” Is often a phrase I hear.

I think we need to reconnect with the Church that Jesus created. Our next message series is entitled, “Why Church?” We’re going to take the next two months and examine why Jesus placed us into the church in the first place. I want this to be a time when we, the modern church, take time to remember the very principles of living the life of faith together that Jesus has painted all throughout the Scriptures. If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, remember that He placed you in the church on purpose. You belong. You’re valued. You’re a part of the expression of Jesus to the world around us. I look forward to exploring this more with you all throughout the fall.