Available every Sunday morning at the 8:30 am & 11 am services. Open to parents for use during events. 

"The nursery has been great for both my daughter and myself. It gives me the opportunity to fully participate in the worship service and it also gives my daughter the opportunity to learn about our Lord at her level and enjoy time with children her age." - Deirdre Ballard



Kid's ages three - 3rd grade are dismissed from the 11am service for a program dedicated to teaching them about Jesus.

"The kids get excited that there is a place just for them to go and we appreciate that our extended family (brothers and sisters in Christ) are there for them too!" - Talia Hawkins
"The Promiseland Ministry has impacted my children's lives greatly. My three kiddos have learned to count on God. For such young  children they freely know how to talk to God and are confident in their faith! I feel they have a home in Promiseland." - Torey Patrick


Faith Weavers Kid's Club

At 6:30pm Kid's Club begins - a night full of music, games, puppets, Bible stories & more! Kid's Club meets during the school year.

"My kids are the ones who remind me what day of the week it is, 'Guess what mom? It's Faith Weaver's night!!' Faith Weavers has offered them an understanding of faith I could not provide, as my faith is as new to me as it is to them. We are learning and growing spiritually together."- Jacquie Harkins